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Exhibition: Artists’ Open House 2024 | The Tipping Point | Bell House

Updated: 4 days ago

More than 40 artists in six individually curated spaces will examine different kinds of tipping points, both minor and major, literal and metaphorical.

The Tipping Point Exhibition Artist's Open House 2024

I'm incredibly excited to share my perspective on "The Tipping Point" at Artists Open House 2024 as part of the Dulwich Festival. Mark your calendars, and join us for an exploration of moments of change, both subtle and profound, as interpreted through various mediums.


  • Date: 11/12 & 18/19 May 2024

  • Time: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • Private View: 10 May. Open to the public 6pm - 8pm ✨

  • Website: Bell House Artists Open House 2024

  • Location: Bell House, 27 College Road, Dulwich, London SE21 7BG


Curated Space: Lucas Room - Curated by Monika Kita

This year's Artists Open House takes inspiration from the concept of "The Tipping Point." In an era defined by perpetual change and profound societal shifts, the concept of a "tipping point" holds both urgency and significance. In the Lucas Room curated by Monika Kita, I'm thrilled to present my latest works alongside three other talented female artists. Together, we offer a profound exploration of tipping points through the captivating medium of moving image.

Featured Artists:

  • Minna Etein

  • Danielle Jacques

  • Monika Kita

  • Laura Moreton-Griffiths

The tipping point may arrive seemingly out of the blue as a slight change heralding a new way forward.

"The Mantle of Change"

Multimedia audiovisual installation by DJ | ARTWORKS
Danielle Jacques | The Mantle of Change | 2024 | Multimedia audiovisual installation

I am excited to present "The Mantle of Change," a multimedia site-specific installation inspired by my recent journeys. Drawing from my experiences crossing the North Sea and visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier, this work reflects on the transformative power of nature and our capacity for adaptation. Through video footage, manipulated photographs, and carefully curated elements, "The Mantle of Change" will invite viewers to contemplate the fragile beauty and resilience inherent in every moment of transition.

Bell House

Bell House is a remarkable Grade II listed Georgian House built in 1767 in Dulwich, South East London. The house was originally constructed for Thomas Wright, who held the prestigious positions of Sheriff of the City of London in 1779 and Lord Mayor of London in 1785. Bell House is now a volunteer-led charity that provides creative learning for people of all ages and backgrounds. Their vision is to offer an opportunity to gather for learning, enjoyment, and friendship in a special place

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