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Digital prints, 2019

The ‘Inside the chaos lurks an eerie type of order‘ series explores ways of seeing through intersecting the material and the digital.

Each work composes of two digital stills, one captured with a camera and one with a computer, one capturing the tangible and one the digital, one printed on acetate and one on paper, one printed at high resolution and one at low resolution.

The process for producing each work draws on Buddhist art practices. Danielle applies intuitive action and contemplative viewing at every stage of the process-pouring, printing, collaging, photographing, layering, and selection. Through this approach, the essence of ink, paper, plastic, laser print and digital image tangle together in an ambiguous aesthetic.

The series reveals ‘digital dharma’, truths about digital media which reveal human truths. Digital stills openly rely on the way the mind encodes visual info, whilst the camera lens mimics the workings of the human eye. What the individual perceives in these works is a compounding of vision, evolution and the psychological priming of personal experience. What the computer perceives in these works is the encoding of collective perception, a digital collective consciousness. Algorithms commonly cite words like ‘sky’, ‘water‘, ‘cloud‘ and terms like ‘geological phenomenon’ or ‘atmospheric phenomenon’ when viewing the series.

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