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Aluminium prints

‘Joining Heaven and Earth’ is the title of an essay documenting a seminar given by Shambala Art founder and Tibetan Buddhist Master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1979. In this seminar, Trungpa Rinpoche used spontaneous calligraphies to demonstrate the threefold principle of “heaven, earth, and human”. This principle was used to describe the psychological manifestation of the creative process, the physical process of creation, and the viewing process. 

Danielle engages with the properties of ink using Shambala Art methods such as "meditation-in-action" and "the art of viewing". Ink paintings were produced, photographed and meticulously selected using intuitive action and contemplative viewing. These photographs developed into the fine art print series Joining Heaven and Earth. These fine art prints embody Trungpa Rinpoche’s seminar both in method and visual references.

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