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A selection of experimental films and nightclub visuals

Danielle Jacques artist | "Kundalini", 2020 | video art

Danielle Jacques artist | "Kundalini", 2020 | video art

Kundalini: the primordial spiral that dances your human life into existence 🐍; - divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine; - a force or power connected to the formless aspect of the Goddess; - awakened through meditation, pranayama, asana and the chanting of mantras 🧘‍♀️. This experimental film was created from a Conscious Voicing Jam led by Playing The Voice and hosted by The Psychedelic Society. This was one of many jams I took part in during lockdown. Taught entirely through Zoom one could consider it to be 'teleconcious voicing'. Our collective sounding existed only in our minds and in the ether of the telecommunications network. This video captures just my voice, at the beginning of an hour-long sounding journey. We entered places that were primal, ethereal, lingual, beautiful and free. By the end of the session, I was physically shaking with powerful vibrational energy. An exceptional journey of freeing up the voice and exploring altered states of consciousness. #kundaliniawakening #consciousness #healing #tantra #awakening #mindfulness #energy #prana #digitalartwork #newmediaart Subscribe now to receive the latest DJ | ARTWORKS videos in your feed: For more videos, prints, and installation head to the DJ | ARTWORKS website: Follow DJ | ARTWORKS on Instagram: Follow DJ | ARTWORKS on Twitter: Find DJ | ARTWORKS on Facebook:
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