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Augmented reality prints

“Technological nature”, or digital representations of nature, make us feel good by triggering our innate “biophilia,” a term for humanity’s inborn, primordial affiliation with the environment. By pursuing technological nature, we are becoming increasingly alienated from the real thing, growing to accept a digital substitute for engagement with the wild, and compromising our fundamental affiliation with the environment. Research shows that using psychedelics is associated with an increased sense of being connected to nature, of feeling interconnected to everything around us, even long after the experience itself has taken place.

The Sunny Daze series brings together these themes through a trippy, psychedelic, augmented reality experience. Danielle took each macro photograph using a kaleidoscope lens. By downloading the Artivive app (free to download using links below) the photographs animate with a video overlay. Danielle made the video through deep absorption in the natural environment and synchronisation of breath, movement and manipulation of optical lenses.

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