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DJ | ARTWORKS brings to you the work of award-winning artist Danielle Jacques.

London-based, British, multimedia artist Danielle Jacques captivates audiences with her exploration of altered states of consciousness. Awarded a distinction in her Masters in Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital from Camberwell College of Arts in 2020, Danielle's work seamlessly blends the tangible and the virtual. Referencing practices from Buddhist meditation to electronic raves, she transforms everyday materials through her unique process, inviting viewers to experience the sublime through her lens.

Danielle has exhibited in multiple group shows in London, including the prestigious Saatchi Gallery. She received the Mercers’ Arts Award from the Mercers Company in 2020. 



In the tapestry of altered realities, I, Danielle Jacques, embark on a journey of sensory exploration. My creative odyssey unfolds at the intersection of altered realities and sensory discovery. Rooted in resourcefulness and sustainable practice, my immersive multimedia installations, weave together reclaimed materials, found objects, and made works. A devoted collector and maker, I revel in the magic of assemblage, bringing together unrelated elements to create new narratives and meanings. My approach to art is infused with a sense of wonder, and a fresh perspective that transforms everyday materials into portals of exploration.

In the play of light, both subject and material, my works come alive, casting enchanting shadows and shaping ethereal experiences. My practice, evolving from a foundation of printmaking, photography, and video, expands into sculpture, projection, sound, scent, and floral design. Through the convergence of a multiplicity of practices, I aim to create immersive encounters that invite self-transcendence.


As an artist deeply engaged in the conversation between art and environment, I find joy in creating site-specific works. Responding directly to the unique characteristics of each space, my installations become a dialogue with the environment itself. This interaction adds another layer of depth, allowing me to weave the essence of the surroundings into the very fabric of my creations.

Meditation-in-action defines my process, as I engage with my materials to induce a flow state of heightened awareness. Contemplative looking becomes a gateway to impartial receptiveness, innocence, wonder, and delight, guiding me towards the aesthetic rather than its creation. Photography, film, and print solidify these visual meditations, transporting viewers into the intersection of the physical and the virtual.

At the core of my artistic evolution is a pursuit of divine feelings through beauty, contemplation, art, and love. Through exhibitions and installations, I aspire to kindle a sparkle in the eyes of others, fostering connections and guiding individuals towards inner wisdom and truth. My purpose is to infuse joy, beauty, and wonder into the world, inviting
viewers to embrace the sublime art of awareness.


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