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DJArtworks brings to you the work of emerging London artist Danielle Jacques. Her practice encompasses digital print, video and audio-visual installation making reference to the cultural context of altered states of consciousness such as meditation, trance, hypnosis and psychedelic hallucination. Her overall interest lies in understanding perception and cognition with a view to create work which induces a physiological response in the audience.

Danielle is currently studying at Camberwell College of Arts for an MA in Fine Art Digital. For an overview of her current research please watch this video.


Please email Danielle or use the contact box to discuss her artwork, collaboration, commissions, or any other enquires.


Artist Statement

I find myself in a strange loop. Aspiring to know the Self and the Not-Self, the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the imaginary.

My practice is a form of meditation-in-action where the act of mindfulness allow me to enter into an altered state of consciousness. A mental place free from the constant narration of the self. A state of pure indulgent perception experiencing the power of the present moment.

The key materials which enable my process are ink, water and light. Dispersing, diffusing, diffracting, and embracing the unexpected. I maintain an openness of perception, observing and manipulating materials with a childlike curiosity. By acting in the moment the aesthetic is discovered rather than created. Documenting these actions through photography and video allows me to solidify these visual meditations such that I may elongate and interpret the experience.

After the collation of vast amounts of photos and videos I engage in multiple modes of transformation using both analog and digital processes; layering, reflecting, stretching, scaling and looping. Each work directly feeds into the next in an iterative self-referential process. My aim is strike a balance between discipline and freedom, between chance and choice.


The definitive expressions of my process are digital prints, video and audio-visual installations. References are drawn from the cultures which support the various altered states; from Buddhist philosophy to electronic club culture, from self-hypnosis to psychedelic hallucinations. Neuroscience, psychology and perception inform the construction of my work as I explore the relationship between sensory stimulation and entering altered states of consciousness.

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Danielle Jacques, Artist & Photographer, London, UK
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