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Exhibition: Affordable Art Fair, 2023 | Hampstead

Unveiling the meditative power of "I find myself in a strange loop" in the Made in Arts London showcase.

I was thrilled to be among the talented artists selected by UK Fair Director, Hugo Barclay, to showcase my artwork at this year's Affordable Art Fair Hampstead (11 May- 14 May 2023). The event, known for its prestigious reputation in the contemporary art world, drew art enthusiasts, collectors, and gallery representatives from across the globe.

Fair Director Hugo Barclay chose my audiovisual piece, "I find myself in a strange loop," for the Made in Arts London showcase. This captivating artwork invites viewers into a meditative state, unveiling the intricate collaboration between the mind and the senses in shaping our perception of the world. "I find myself in a strange loop" is a mesmerising video piece I created in 2020, and I'm delighted for the opportunity to be displayed alongside other exceptional artworks at the fair.

As visitors immersed themselves in my audiovisual creation, I witnessed their contemplative expressions and felt a profound connection with each and every one of them. It was an incredible feeling to see my work resonate with people, as they delved into the depths of their own thoughts and experiences. The ability of art to evoke emotions and spark introspection was reaffirmed through the interactions I witnessed at the fair.

It is events like these that remind me of the power of art to transcend boundaries and touch the hearts and minds of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The Affordable Art Fair Hampstead was an incredible platform that allowed me to share my artistic vision with a diverse and discerning audience. The opportunity to exhibit alongside talented peers and engage with galleriests, art enthusiasts and collectors was truly invaluable. I'm grateful to Made in Arts London, Hugo Barclay and the Affordable Art Fair for recognising the potential of "I find myself in a strange loop" and providing me with this exceptional platform to showcase my work.


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