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Installation: Wild Reverie 2023 | London Decom, The Cause, London

Nature's revolt: Unleashing 'Wild Reverie' in the heart of industrial London

18 November 2023

It was such an extraordinary opportunity to transform a gritty urban garden into the immersive experience that was "Wild Reverie," an enchanting installation at The Cause for London Decom.

Wild Reverie was a multimedia installation designed to transport participants into a charming realm where the wild and the civilised collide. It drew inspiration from the “Feral Resurrection” event theme and the juxtaposition of industrial decay and the resurgence of nature.

The installation aimed to provide attendees with a serene haven of beauty, sanctuary, and hope, offering a stark contrast to the darker and more chaotic aspects of the theme. The installation consisted of various key elements, including floral installations and a mesmerising projection of Tuscany’s untamed landscapes. The primary objective of Wild Reverie was to provide attendees with a respite from the heaving dancefloors of the Cause—a place of calm and sanctuary.

After and before: Swipe through the photos to witness the transformation from an urban canvas to a glowing, warm, vibrant garden.

"Wild Reverie" - a symphony of collaborative artistry, a dance of reclaimed materials, and a celebration of nature's beauty.

The Event: London Decom - "Feral Resurrection":

London Decom, an offshoot of the Burning Man community, is an annual event that celebrates the vibrant spirit of creativity, self-expression, and communal art. London Decom embraced the theme of "Feral Resurrection" in 2023. It was an exploration of creatures, fantasy, and the wild behaviours evoked by the term "Feral." The brutalist and industrial backdrop of the new venue, The Cause, symbolised a decaying civilisation pushed to the brink, a canvas where nature sought to reclaim its dominion.

London Decom Feral Resurrection Event Image

The Setting:

The canvas for my endeavour? The garden tucked behind the old Thameside West Vision Centre, now the vibrant events space The Cause. No lush landscapes here – just raised beds, picnic benches, and an industrial charm that became the stage for an artistic transformation.

Floral Alchemy:

Generously donated flowers from Schroders, originally provided by Michelle Lomas Flowers, adorned the garden, alongside foraged leaves, and a collection of hand-dried flowers amassed over the years.

Foliage, berries and flowers from my wedding (courtesy of Ivy and Twine,) just two months prior, found a new purpose in this installation, intertwining personal milestones with artistic expression.

With knowledge passed on by The Flower Factory, I crafted floor-standing and table autumnal floral installations.

Reclaimed Wonders: Repurposed glass jars and vases became colour-changing LED lanterns, casting a magical glow. Borrowed elements from the London Decom team – a cherry blossom arch, Tuscan-inspired statues, and arches – complemented the scene.

Sensory Experience: The space was not just visual; it was an olfactory journey too. The entire area was infused with the spiritual scents of frankincense and myrrh, creating a tranquil atmosphere for all who ventured into the garden.

Projection Art: A psychedelic Tuscan meadow projected onto a shipping container added a dynamic layer to the installation, creating a visual symphony of nature, light, and art.

Danielle Jacques | Transcendent Tuscany | 2023 | Video, 38m07s

Watch "Transcendent Tuscany"

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