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Exhibition: Art in the Garden, 2021 | Little Forest Land Art

"Art in the Garden" is an annual exhibition hosted each summer by Little Forest Land Art in Boarhunt, Hampshire, UK. Little Forest Land Art was started by ceramicist Jan Griffiths and artist Adrian Mundy in 2017.

Each year artists and gardeners transform a three acre meadow and surrounding woodland into an immersive, relaxing environment to display the works of many talented local and national artists.

The exhibition ran from 12th-26th June, 2021. For the last day of the show I re-imagined audiovisual installation "Waves of Bliss" for this unique setting. Five lotus flower mobiles glimmered and glinted in the glorious lily pond location accompanied by an audio recording of me chanting in the bath.

The audio recording was the culmination of six months of learning yogic chanting, overtone and throat singing online during lockdown. A speaker disguised as a lotus leaf floated in the water emitting my improvised tones and mantras.

The lotus flowers mobiles were laser cut from perspex acrylic and assembled in a flexible modular design. They reflected the beauty of the natural environment inviting the viewer to drop into a place of relaxed stillness. Each lotus flower has ten petals, a symbol often used to represent the 'Manipura' or solar plexus chakra in energy healing practices. 'Manipura' means 'city of jewels' or 'seat of gems'.

Other Exhibitors:

Ceramics: Sandra Bidmead, Jan Griffiths, Suna Imre, April Stephenson Glass: Dee McNamara Artist Blacksmith: Lucille Scott Metalwork: Jenny Ames, Andy Stevenson Willow: Jacqueline Rolls Stone Sculpture: Tracey Ward Rosie Wesley – winner of the Boarhunt 4th Plinth Competition 2020 Plus: Matthew Watson, Svetlana Ochkovskaya and members of the land art team.


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