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Workshop: "Tremendous Tetrahedrons", 2019

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

A mindful origami workshop provided free to the public as part of the Made in Arts London X Canopy Market takeover. Participants followed written instructions to create a 3D reflective Christmas tree decoration. Origami papers were of my own design sourced directly from my audio-visual installation ‘Phasing II Infinity’. The double-tetrahedron decoration design relates to my audio-visual installation work ‘Beyond the Lights’.

Tremendous tetrahedrons instructions
Download PDF • 578KB


Provide a one hour drop-in workshop at Canopy Market for Made in Arts London:

- Must be related to your practice

- Suitable for members of the public with no art knowledge

- Something people can do quite quickly and takeaway, or equally extend if they are not in a rush

- Limited budget for materials




Designed and delivered a 1 hour workshop.


  • Successfully ran workshop for 9 people at a materials cost of only £16.18.

  • 55% participants completed a feedback form. 100% of respondents reported the workshop as relaxing and immersive. 80% of respondents reported it as meditative. 100% of respondents said they wouldn't change the workshop in any way.

  • Participants were invited to listen to a Zen soundscape whilst they worked. Environment was too noisy to use speakers so headphones were provided. This didn't work in practice as participants needed my help to work through some of the steps. Most participants didn't listen to the audio.

  • Most participants struggled with a specific origami step - I need to consider how to improve the written instructions to make this step clearer.

  • One participant wanted to buy the origami papers - next time I can create origami paper packs for purchase.


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