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Cyberdelic prophet and psychedelic advocate Timothy Leary described the PC as the "LSD of the 90s" and advised bohemians to "turn on, boot up, jack in".

This animated digital collage series was created in Adobe Photoshop using Shambala Art principles. Their luminescent pulse is synonymous with breathing - a visual hallucination typical of the psychedelic state.


My final year MA project, ‘CYBERDELIC’ explores the psychedelic state, famous for saturated colours, visual hallucinations and mystical experiences. ‘Cyberdelic’ was a term coined to describe the fusion of cyberculture and psychedelic counterculture in the 1980s and 1990s. This movement was a utopian vision which promoted using computers, virtual reality and the internet to create transcendental experiences. 

In my project, CYBERDELIC I echo cyberdelic spokesman Timothy Leary’s call to “turn on, boot up and jack in” and explore the relationship between cyberspace and altered states of consciousness. 

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