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“For thinkers, dreamers and makers”

The Altered States Collective is an exciting new collective of individuals who are all grappling with the subject matter of Altered States of Consciousness ”ASCs” and the broader topics of consciousness, cognition, perception and experience.

We are looking to create a community for the sharing of thoughts, ideas, events and opportunities which will exist online through a collaborative discussion board and be extended into the real world in the form of meet ups and excursions to events.

The mantra of the group is one of inclusivity with the aim of bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and experience. From scientists to artists, everyone is welcome.


The key aims of the collective are as follows:

  • Amplification – of current understanding of ASCs and their impact on the individual and society

  • Communication – of ideas, resources and opportunities

  • Reflection – to provide an environment for critical reflection and development

  • Collaboration – between members and other organisations to produce varied responses to the topic of ASCs

  • Community – to develop a community to support members in the development of their understanding and practice

  • Creative tools – the use and development of tools which assist in the process of individual or collective creative thinking


The topic of ASCs is both controversial and complex. Cultural attitudes and ethical norms regarding ASCs have changed dramatically over the millennia and continue to evolve. Through this collective we look to explore both the potential benefits and dangers of engaging with different forms of reality and how these experiences inform us about the subjectivity of human experience.

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