Updated: Oct 20, 2021

29 September -31 October 2021

Open Wed-Sun, 2.00 PM till 6.30 PM.
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Curious Kudu

117 Queens Road, London, SE15 2EZ

In NATURE\CONNECT three artists, Danielle Jacques, Barbara Prada and Helen Dear, explore the unity of humans and nature.


Working in different disciplines, the artists investigate the extent to which the human condition is bound with the natural world.

“For the artist, communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human; himself nature; part of nature within natural space” - Paul Klee

From the micro to the macro, natural phenomena influence our states of mind. The seasons affect our circadian rhythms. Immersing ourselves in natural geometries can affect our emotions. Being in commune with nature, we experience positive shifts in body and mind. Over time, as societies and lifestyles have changed and with the introduction of technological advances, we have forgotten how intrinsically linked we are with our wider environment. This has led to the exploitation of our planet and a disregard for the natural world’s powerful effect on our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. NATURE\CONNECT presents works in a variety of mediums that interpret patterns found in the natural world and explores the visceral human response to these phenomena. Artworks on display are available for sale.

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Exhibition key information

Exhibition dates: 29th September to 31 October 2021. Open Wednesday to Sunday 2:00 pm to 6.30 pm. Free admission. Add to calendar: Google Location: Curious Kudu, 117 Queen's Rd, London SE15 2EZ, UK