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Exhibition: MA Fine Art Digital Interim Show, 2019

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

In this exhibition photography, moving image and audio-visual installation were combined to explore various altered states of consciousness. The work shown express my interest in the meditative state, out of body experiences and the trance or psychedelic state. Influences include Buddhist philosophy, Zen calligraphy, electronic music culture, and so-called psychedelic experiences.


First year MA Visual Arts students were provided the opportunity to show alongside final year students in the MA Visual Arts Summer Show from 11-17 July 2019. MA Fine Art Digital students had two small rooms to curate and invigilate.


2019 / One week


There is No Selfie

Series of eight digital prints, 29.7 x 42 cm (Unframed), professional lustre photo paper, acetate and silver vinyl.

That which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light

Video 4m09s, presented in mirror box plinth

Beyond the lights

Video 1h20m26s, paper, fishing line, mirror

This work also made it into the show reel for the MA Fine Art Digital 2019 show reel.


  • The works exhibited were completely different to my initial intention. This was due to directly responding to which film projected best in the space.

  • There were a number of technical challenges with the projector and iPad. In future I need back up USB sticks, media players and need to test different video loopers on the iPad.

  • Audience weren't initially aware they were allowed to sit on the low plinth to watch the video. I later added a cushion in order to script their behaviour.

  • It was an exciting opportunity to present my work to a wider audience and make some direct observations about how people interact with the work. In retrospect I should have surveyed participants as I did with the Menier Gallery show.

  • Private view was too busy for people to experience the work at any depth. On other days people "skim-viewed" the show for what they found interested. Many decided to film the moving image works.

  • There wasn't much interest in the photographic works. This is possibly due to the way which they were hung and framed. Perhaps too many images, hung too close together, not all at eye-level, in a tight dark corner, and the framing was claustrophobic. Will consider other printing and presentation options.


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