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Exhibition: Made in Arts London Annual Exhibition, 2019

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

In June 2019 I was selected from over 100 submissions by a panel of industry experts for the ‘MiAL 2019 Collection’. MiAL is a student and graduate led platform to sell and showcase emerging artists from the University of the Arts London. The MiAL 2019 Collection was launched in the beautiful TM Lighting Gallery in September 2019 as an exhibition and events programme. TM Lighting Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space that supports emerging artists. My print series Inside the Chaos Lurks an Eerie Type of Order and video works Black Moth Dreams and I Find Myself In a Strange Loop were selected for the MiAL 2019 Collection. I chose to exhibit I Find Myself In a Strange Loop at the exhibition launch and gave a talk about my work to the public as part of the events programme.



  • Choose a piece that has been selected by the panel and is to be uploaded to the MiAL website

  • The piece must be available for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Put forward what you think is your strongest piece.

  • Be mindful that MiAL are limited on space, so try to think about the size of your artwork you want to exhibit.

  • Confirm if your piece has any specific installation instructions.

  • MiAL arranged a private tour for UAL Students Union


2019 / 6-7 WEEKS


Video work I Find Myself In a Strange Loop was exhibited on a 42" TV mounted in portrait with headphones and custom USB gift box.


- Received strong feedback on the work from the TM Lighting staff (who found themselves regularly transfixed by the work) and the Dean of UAL. There was also a gaggle of viewers hanging around the work at the private view.

- I wasn't initially happy with the installation as the headphones were ill fitting resulting in a lot of audio leak and the cable wasn't long enough to allow you to stand back and view the work properly. I raised this with MiAL and replaced the headphones and cable with a set of my own. I also found the TV colour to be quite dull so I upped this to vivid/dynamic. In future I should provide more information on how the work should be installed and provide my own equipment where possible.

- I gave a short talk about my work to UAL Students Union staff. A slightly nerve wracking experience but great experience and went well overall.

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